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Total manufacturing service with various partners

Weldment, Grinding, Polishing, Sheet metal processing, Precision machining, Heat treatment, Plating and so on

Weldment, Grainding & Polishing,

Sheet metal processing


We can treat cutting, vending, welding, grinding and polishing totally.
Japanese skilful craftsmen are too decreased.
So we get rare position in this field to provide valuable sheet metal product.

Category Dealing Item
Kitchen Sink cabinet, Trolly, Rack, Food, etc.
Construction Handrail, Gate, Step, Slope, Post, etc.
Medical and Food processing Mount, Hopper, Tank, Beater, etc.
Forceps (Polishing)
Rack and Display Display, Frame, etc.
Event Pole, Show case, Stand
Electronics Cover, Case, etc.
Other Any category, any field of manufacturing

Advantage of our "Grinding & Polishing"

We treat two unique grinding & polishing way in addition to usual way.

[1] Hand Polishing

First way is hand polishing with unique polishing material. This polishing way does not change dimention of the part but make it's surface more smooth. The dimentional change is 0.01mm at most.

We use this polishing way at the final finishing of precision machining parts.

Precison machining parts have tool mark that looks like scratch if those surface will be finished with smooth surface like Ra1.6 finishing.
Especially this tool mark is problem in semiconductor, medical or food processing field.

Our hand polishing can delete tool marks and treat surface smoothly without dimention changing.
We select best match polishing material class depending on the condition of surface.
This technique is highly evaluated by semiconductor manufacturing device makers, medical device makers, food processing machine makers, etc.

Samples of Hand Polishing
[Left] Medical parts (Stainless)  [Mid] 3D Mirror (Stainless)  [Right] Semicondoctor part (Titanium)

[2] Powered Grinding

Second way is pewered grinding. This technique is distinctive by weldment and sheet metal manufacturer, not polishing only manufacturer.
Powered grinding by sheet metal manufacturer is usulally used to hairline surface or #400 polishing.
Polishing only manufacturer's polishing is so delicate and it's not suitable for cast finishing.

Our powered grinding technique is able to be adopted to cast finishing by rough process. We mix the merit of two grinding and polishing way.
By our powered grinding technique, medical device and food processing machine parts can be polished effectively.

Samples of Powered Grinding
[Left] Food processing machine part   [Mid] Medical Device (Forceps)   [Right] Medical Device (Forceps)

Precision Machining


We treat valuable precison machining parts in the field of leading edge technology as aerospace, semiconductor, medical etc.
Especially, we have good skill to create complex shape parts by 5 axis machining.
Our dealing materials are so various not only stainless-steel, aluminum alloy, steel but also titunium, magunesium alloy, engineering plastics and so on.

Category Dealing Item
Aerospace Structure parts(Stiffener, Frame, Fitting, Bulkhead), Engine parts(Turbine blade, etc.)
Medical & Food processing Bone prosthesis, Operation devices
Automobile Any complex and precise parts, Fitting for plastics parts
Semiconductor Clamp ring, Shield, Lid, Deposition ring, Cover & Case, Blade
Industrial machinery
Die & Mold  

Category Materials
Steel SS400, SKD11, SK2, S45C, S50C, S30C, S25C, S15C, SCM440,
SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, SUS630 
Aluminum A1013, A1015, A2011, A2017, A2024, A5052, A5056, A6061, A6063, A7075(YH75)
KN500, KN520 
Copper Oxygen free copper(C1011, C1020), Brass(C2600, C2801, C3604)
Titanium Pure titanium, Titanium alloy(Ti-6Al-4V, Titanium-paraium alloy)
Magnesium Magnesium alloy(Az31, Az91)
Nickel Inver, Super inver, Inconel, Hastelloy
Plastics PTFE, PEEK, POM, MC nylon,PPS, PA66, PVC, PE, PP, ABS
Ceramics Alumina, Zirconia, SiC, Machinable ceramics

Advantage of our "Precision Machining"
= 5 axis machining

A typical method of precision machining is milling by machining center with movable spindle. One of most advanced method of precision machining is 5 axis machining.
We have dealt 5 axis machining for a long time deeply with partner company.

Of course we treat usual precision machining as machining center, lathe, electro-discharge machining (EDM).
Especially we have good advantage of realizing complex shape parts.
With 5 axis machining, we can provide special shape parts that client demands as complex shape like impeller, free-form surface shape like instrument panel of car.
Our main dealing is valuable small lot production or prototype of aerospace, medical, semiconductor etc.

[Left] Turbine blade [Mid] Rotor blade [Right] Free-form surface part

Surface treatment, Special process

120926ブレード.jpg131201オーディオ機器用ケース 2.jpg1302151医療部品.jpg

We can accept the demand of surfacet treatment that includes paint, plating, polishing, etc and special manufacturing process like rare-metal processing or 3D printing.

We have various partner comany and usually coorperate each other. So we can deal manufacturing request totally from material procurement, each processing, finishing to delivery.

Advantage of our "Total Manufacturing Service"

We can reali any product and part that has complex process by means of cooperation with partner companies that deal especially each process.
We provide the product and part that client demand by managing seamless process route, mixing partner's services suitably.

Each manufacturing process is segmentalized and specialized. Clients cannnot judge which company is the best about each manufacturing process.
Futhermore, load of each company varies from hour to hour. At the high load timing, the process cost is high. At the low load timing, the cosit is low.

We know load level of each company constantly. So we can propose manufacturing service with lowest cost and quick delivery.

Category Contents Number of Partners
Material Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Magnesium, Plastics, Ceramics
Cast and Mold injection(Injection, lost wax, Precision casting) 
Machining Milling, Lathe
Wire cutting, Electro-discharge machining
Polishing & Grinding
Weldment &
Sheet metal processing 
Laser cutting, Turret punch press, Press, Spining 12
Weldment, Brazing
Surface treatment Paint, Plating, Alumite 11
Bead brast
Special process 3D Printing, Rapid prototyping
Ceramics processing, Rare-metal processing

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