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We break through any ploblem about manufacturing with client and partner

3D Design & 2D Drawing


We can provide the realistic proposal for your manufacturing image by visualization using 3D CAD.

We can also provide 2D drawing transfered from 3D model by 3D CAD for production.
In addition, you can get the 3D model data from your 2D drawing data or 2D drawing data from your 3D model data.

CAD data translation service is also available as bellow table.

Available data format

Category Acceptable Possible to translate
2D CAD format DXF(.dxf), DWG(.dwg) DXF(.dxf), DWG(.dwg), PDF(.pdf), Graphic data(.jpg, .gif, .tiff)
3D CAD format CATIA V4(.model), CATIA V5(.CATPart), IGES(.igs), STEP(.stp), Parasolid(.x_t, .x_b), STL(.stl), NX, Solid Works, Inventor IGE(.igs), STEP(.stp), Parasolid(.x_t, .x_b), STL(.stl)

There is possibility not to go well especially in 3D CAD format.

Advantage of our "3D Design"

Our business is realize product in client's image.
We think that it's neccessary to share the product image as soon as possible by visuallization.

We provide the proposal using 3D image at the first by 3D CAD from minimum information like idea sketch.
This step is so effective bcause it includes two activities, sharing image and concept design.
By this step, client can have realistic image. So mismatch between the product and client's image does not result and it's easy to get satisfaction about product.

We can supply seamless proposal, design and production sequence by minimum cost.

We do manufacturing as ordinary activity. So we can design feasible product from the aspecto of manufacturer.
Our advantage is not only designing but also manufacturing business style.
Of course, we can supply prototype and provide mass production.


Reverse Engineering

ValveAssy.jpg120601FILM SLITTER.jpg

Reverse Enginering method can provide possiblity to product by measument without drawing.

We can also supply the drawing from the result of measument.

Of course, only measument searvice is also available.

Advantage of our "Reverse Engineering"

"Reverse Engineering"(RE) is a process to reconstruct the scheme to enable manufacturing the actual product or part.
Usually RE means 3D scanning and rapid prototyping method for important cultural propeties like precious statues or articles.

Of course we can provide the above 3D scanning RE method. You can select the 3D printing or milling as the way of realization.

More over, our unique approach of RE is to use precision measurement system. Because the scanning method has rough tolerance about 0.2mm.
For industrial usage, especially in sliding or ratationg situation between shaft and hole, this tolerance level is not acceptable.
More innovation will be needed to adopt the scanning method to industrial usage.

Our unique precise RE method has low torelance level under 0.01mm in measurement process.
So we can treat industrial parts in RE.
Our staff have engineering background, so we can provide the feasible RE result from the aspect of industrial engineer at the situation of decision to set the design dimention and torelance level.
Of course we can provide prototype and mass production after RE.

Our tools for precision RE are Coodoinate Measument Machine and calipers, micrometers and so on for precision machining.

Engineering Support for Development


We provide any support to realize the product that client demands.
Various analysis, making documents and procedures, support of verification testing.

Please feel free to inquiry.

Advantage of our "Engineering Supoort"

We aspire after cooperation with clients and partners for realization the product.
The advantage of our Engineering Support is realization feasible product with minimum cost.

The cost for development is minimum, does not include extra margin.
Because the representative with client is also engineer and procurement person who execute engineering study, designing, procurement activity with supplier.
It's unique service by the person who has enginnering background.

We need client's close cooperation to realize the satisfactly product.
Because only client know the trends of sales the product.
So please share the information to increase the sales and be happy each other.

3D CAD is effective tool to help us to share the image of final product.
We provide 3D image by 3D CAD at first, so we can share the common image in meeting.
Therefore, we advance the development smoothly without mismatch with the client's image.

This collaborative development style with client's help mutual understanding, decrease frequency of setting back the process.
At the result of this way, there is possibility to realize the satisfactly product with under half cost against the situation by one-way client's demand.

Anyone who has need to manufacturing is our client. From major manufacturer, maintainance service provider, building contructer to individual is welcome.
Our position to client can change flexibly.

We can performe every position from general management to single funtioin like only designing, only manufacturin, and so on.

Our past project is bellow.

Client Needs Support Contents
LED light maker
They wanted to development next generation LED light series with low cost. We provided 3D designing service with thermal analysis. 3D Design
Development support
Kitchen fixture service provider They wanted to develop newly their own sales item by development and start maintenance service of the item. We provided totaly development support service from concept plannning to mass production. 3D Design
Testing support
(Mass production)
Healthy drink maker & supplier They wanted to add the cover to their existing vending machine for safety. We provided 3D designing and mass production. 3D Design
Mass production
Fitting maker for automobile parts They wanted to make a fitting those shape is reflection of complex plastic part. From the compex part 3D data, we made reflection shape data. We also  provided precision machining parts by manufacturing service. 3D Design

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