Japanese valuable Polishing, Weldment, Sheet metal processing and Precision machining service in Tokyo, JAPAN

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Any request for manufacturing is welcome!

We can provide total engineering and manufacturing service for any industrial product and parts.

3D design and Engineering support service

3D Design and 2D Drawing

We realize any product and parts that you image by 3D CAD. We also provide drawing service by 3D model data.


Reverse Engineering

We can provide "Reverse Engineering" service that can realize industrial manufacturing of product and parts that have no drawing or detail infomation.

Our unique approach for reverse engineering is modeling by the precision measurment result of coodinate measument system.


Engineering Support

We provide any engineering support service in the every productization step.
We supply proposal & presentation document, test procedure, analytical report and so on.


Product & Parts Manufacturing


Polishing, Weldment
& Sheet metal processing

We can provide sheet metal product by weldment, polishing, vending and cutting sheet metal.

Main business field is Kitchen fixture, Construction materials, Medical devices.

ex) Sink cabinet, Dolly, Frame for pictorial art, Any Mountings for device, Forceps,


130131ヤマダ精機(NZL STG.2)00.jpg130720皆川商店(インペラ)4.jpg
130526イナバモデル(H60A治具)05.jpg120924日本測器(RING SHIELD2).jpg

Precision Machining

We can provide precision machinig parts.
Main field is aerospace, semiconductor, medical, energy, and so on.

Our advantage of production is 5 axis machining and combined processing using 3D modeling data.

We can provide manufacturing service by small quantity or only a piece for small quantity production and prototype.


130720シノンインスツルメンツ(WORK HOLDER).jpg131201個人・松下様(電源ケース・塗装)03.jpg

Surface treatment &
Special Processing

We have many kinds of processing partner. For example Painting & Plating, Heat treatment, Rare metal processing, Ceramics processing.


"Ogawa Technical Works"
Zip code: 124-0021
Adress: Hosoda 1-10-20, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo in Japan
TEL: +81-3-3657-4196
FAX: +81-3-3673-4755
Mail: info@bangking-yeah.com
URL: http://www.bangking-yeah.com

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